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“CAB – Down, Down!”…Voices from the protest against Citizenship Amendment Act in Delhi

“CAB – Down, Down!”…Voices from the protest against Citizenship Amendment Act in Delhi

Thousands of peaceful protesters thronged Janatar Mantar in Delhi on Saturday to demonstrate their resentment against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). “The key reason why this law is unconstitutional is because it falls far from the Article 14 of the Indian Constitution which states the right to Equal Protection of Laws. This law (CAA) does not provide equal protection to people from all communities. The way in which the religion based classification has been done is faulty because it not only selectively seeks to persecute the minority, but also because the three countries it has selected, namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan are very arbitrary…” said one of the protestors at the rally.

Lawyer and Activist, Prashant Bushan issued a clarion call for non-cooperation and encouraged protestors to follow the Gandhian method of protest. He said, “…there should be a storm in this country but there should not be a storm of violence from our end.”

Amidst strong voices of ‘Say No to CAB’ and ‘Save the Constitution’, Activist and Psephologist, Yogendra Yadav spoke to us – “The protest that you see here is a protest against a fundamentally divisive and discriminatory law that the Government of India has brought. This is not an ordinary law, it’s a law that amends the citizenship act of the country that redefines what India is and who India is for. Basically the law says – No Muslims Please. For us the very idea of India is inclusive. We do not want a Hindu-Israel…We want an India of the kind that our freedom fighters fought for.”

Writer and Activist, Shuddhabratha Sengupta said, “I am here like thousands of people from all over Delhi because we reject the discriminatory and criminal National Register of Citizens and the CAA. These are both evil laws that should be thrown out and have no place in any civilized society.”

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