StoriesAsia is a modern-day news publishing co-operative that works through a collective of independent journalists spread across South Asian and Southeast Asian countries. SA seeks to replace the present-day parade of faceless numbers with humanising narrative nonfiction – a largely ignored journalistic genre in the region.

We work at the intersection of journalism, technology and design, and emphasise on a visual-first approach.

We work with a small core group of journalists, technologists and designers who make the publishing of our stories possible. This core allows us to push most of our resources towards original reporting.

We leverage new technology for significant editorial enhancements, rather than look only at the time, effort and cost advantages it brings. To adopt new technologies, we have embraced a new mindset, too.

We look at issues from ordinary people’s perspective and mainly care about people whose concerns remain under/misrepresented in the media. We go a step further and seek to generate empathy for those with whom audiences generally fail to connect. We strip down each story to its bones to show a universal emotion it entails and answer the most basic question, how to live.

StoriesAsia was launched on the World Press Freedom Day, 3 May 2018, amid an unprecedented financial crisis in the media industry and widespread repression of freedoms across the two regions.