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Dispatch 22 | A Drug-Resistant TB sufferer on isolation and COVID-19

Dispatch 22 | A Drug-Resistant TB sufferer on isolation and COVID-19

For the 22nd video dispatch in the StoriesAsia’s on the road series, we reached out to Athira, a 24-year-old woman from Thrissur in India’s southern state of Kerala. She has been suffering from intestinal tuberculosis since 2015. But, her regimen changed to multi-drug resistant TB in 2018. Since then, Athira has been wearing a mask during all interactions with others. She lives with her family but remains isolated in her room. For precautions, anyone who enters her room wears a mask.

She has been isolated for about two years now. Recording this video from the confines of her room, Athira points out that isolation is not a good thing. Tuberculosis, she said should be dealt with using the same passion that the world has for coronavirus.

India’s Prime Minister in a televised address to the country today extended the lockdown till 3rd May owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

** “On the Road” is a new series by StoriesAsia on the Coronavirus outbreak where we bring you stories that help you respond to this ongoing historic pandemic. Using their vehicles, StoriesAsia journalists will travel around to bring you stories of not just pain and suffering but also healing and heroism.

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