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Dispatch 25 | ‘Don’t Report’: Police Urge Journalists to ‘Cooperate’

Dispatch 25 | ‘Don’t Report’: Police Urge Journalists to ‘Cooperate’

In this 25th video dispatch in the StoriesAsia On The Road series, our reporters came across a group of police officers patrolling the streets of Noida and beating individuals who were wearing masks and not violating social distancing rules. Police told the reporters to “cooperate” by not recording videos of them hitting people. As shown in the 24th dispatch in this series, the distrust in the government and a general lack of information is causing people to come on the streets to look for ration or food.

** “On the Road” is a new series by StoriesAsia on the Coronavirus outbreak where we bring you stories that help you respond to this ongoing historic pandemic. Using their vehicles, StoriesAsia journalists will travel around to bring you stories of not just pain and suffering but also healing and heroism.

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