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Dispatch 27 | Farmers Anticipate Loss of 90% of Their Crop

Dispatch 27 | Farmers Anticipate Loss of 90% of Their Crop

In this 27th video dispatch in the StoriesAsia On The Road series, our reporters visited a wheat and vegetable farm in the northern Haryana state’s Sirohi area, about a two-hour drive from the national capital of Delhi, to listen to what farmers had to say about the extension of the nationwide lockdown until May 3 to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Farmers explained why they fear that they might lose as much as 90 per cent of their produce, especially if combine harvesting machines aren’t allowed to arrive from the neighbouring Punjab state and if wholesale markets continue to remain restricted.

** “On the Road” is a new series by StoriesAsia on the Coronavirus outbreak where we bring you stories that help you respond to this ongoing historic pandemic. Using their vehicles, StoriesAsia journalists will travel around to bring you stories of not just pain and suffering but also healing and heroism.

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