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Dispatch 7 | India’s Mixed Messages to its Migrant Workers

Dispatch 7 | India’s Mixed Messages to its Migrant Workers

For this seventh video dispatch in the StoriesAsia Caravan series, our reporters drove on the Delhi-Noida Expressway for 45 kilometres. They looked at why migrant workers are leaving cities and towns for their villages and what they are being told and how they are being treated by officials. 

After speaking to both migrants and officials, the reporters found that Government representatives on the ground are giving confusing and mixed messages to the migrants. This has further worsened the condition of the people trying to flee. And as India enters its 7th day of a curfew-like lockdown amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, migrants workers are stuck at state borders, just wanting to get home. Reports of violence against them by misinformed law enforcement officials and the Police continue to pour in.

* “On the Road” is a new series by StoriesAsia on the Coronavirus outbreak where we bring you stories that help you respond to this ongoing historic pandemic. Using their vehicles, StoriesAsia journalists will travel around to bring you stories of not just pain and suffering but also healing and heroism.

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