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Farmers Suffer as Groundwater Goes Down in Haryana State

Farmers Suffer as Groundwater Goes Down in Haryana State

Paal is a small village, about 16 kilometres from the headquarters of Mahendergarh district in the northern state of Haryana, bordering Rajasthan state. It’s one of the many villages in southern Haryana where water scarcity has taken a huge toll on agriculture, and, therefore, farmers, in recent years.

In a decade, the groundwater level in the area has gone down from around 500 feet to more than 1,500 feet. This can be attributed, at least partly, to an ongoing copper mining in the area, farmers in the area say.

StoriesAsia journalists met with Bhagat Singh and Hajari Prasad, two among thousands of farmers who are bearing the brunt of the falling groundwater level in the region. The two said their agriculture produce now depends almost entirely on rainfall.

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