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India-Nepal Border Dispute Costs People Livelihood, Relations

India-Nepal Border Dispute Costs People Livelihood, Relations

The border between India and Nepal near the east Indian cities of Sitamarhi and Raxaul never stopped the region’s residents from interacting with people on the other side, be it relationships or business. But that has changed thanks to recent tensions between the two countries. The border dispute has separated family members and caused businesses to lose their customers on both sides.

Tensions between the two countries had been simmering since May after the Nepalese government released a proposed redrawn map showing some areas in dispute with India as part of its territory. Nepal’s move was seen as a reaction to a new map of the border region that New Delhi had released last November which included parts of disputed territories within India’s borders. The map was published months after the Indian government revoked Kashmir’s autonomy. The revised map incorporated.

To take a look at how the territorial row has impacted people’s lives on the Indian side of the border, journalist Hrishikesh Sharma travelled to the two cities.

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