Let No Artist Go Hungry

Artists in Mumbai go out of their way to help others in their community

One of the cruelest impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is starvation. Like others, artists, too, have suffered job losses with few other opportunities. Many artists are unable to even afford food. In May, an artist from Mumbai attempted to end his life due to a financial crisis. A fellow artist,  Prince Mulla, a music producer, took him to a hospital in time and saved his life.

The incident got Prince thinking about the wellbeing of the artist community in Mumbai. Soon, other artists joined him to form the “Artists for Artists” initiative, which, as its first step, has been buying essential items and distributing them to artists in need.

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Artists in India don’t have a safety net or an organisation to fall back on. However, Prince wishes to change that. Here’s a video on that effort:

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