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Part-I: Panic Attack: A Journalism Student Strikes Back

Part-I: Panic Attack: A Journalism Student Strikes Back

StoriesAsia Launches a Series on People’s Journeys with Mental Illness

(Part 1) Panic Attack: A Journalism Student Strikes Back

At least 150 million people in India are living with a psychological disorder, according to the latest figures by the country’s National Mental Health Survey. The actual number is estimated to be much higher, as the majority of the cases are not reported due to the stigma around and a lack of awareness about mental health. In any case, it’s not just about the numbers. Each person who is part of these faceless statistics has a story.

The first story in this series is of Shreya Teresita, who was struck by panic attacks when she was studying at Asian College of Journalism in the southern Indian city of Chennai a few years ago. We wanted to find out how her life’s journey has been since then, and what her life looks like now.

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As we feature journeys of a few of the people behind the numbers, let’s talk about mental health until it’s no longer a taboo.

StoriesAsia, a collective of independent journalists from 16 South Asian and Southeast Asian countries, seeks to replace the present-day parade of faceless numbers with humanising narrative nonfiction – a largely ignored journalistic genre in the region.

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