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Raqs-e-Inquilab | Art in a Time of Conflict

Raqs-e-Inquilab | Art in a Time of Conflict

The StoriesAsia ShortDocs program is proud to feature, “Raqs-e-Inquilab” (Art in a Time of Conflict)

The documentary film is directed and produced by Niyantha Shekar and Mukti Krishan, and co-produced by Anirudh Ganapathy and Charudatta Rane.

Art in a Time of Conflict

About the film

The film interweaves the personal narratives of four Kashmiri artists, three of whom – Syed Mujtaba Rizvi, Hina Arif and Zeeshan Jaipuri – are children of the conflict, their impressionable adolescent years landing right in the middle of the region’s most violent period in the 90s. The fourth character, renowned painter and art teacher Masood Hussain, grew up in a time of relative peace before becoming witness to Kashmir’s tragic transformation. While their individual traumas are unique, they are connected by their pursuit to process this splintered world through unfiltered artistic expression. 

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Directed and Produced by Niyantha Shekar and Mukti Krishan
Co-produced by Anirudh Ganapathy and Charudatta Rane
Cinematography by Anirudh Ganapathy
Edited by Niyantha Shekar
Additional Cinematography by Azaan Shah, Charudatta Rane and Mukti Krishan
Aerial Cinematography by Nikhil Kapur
Sound Design by Dinesh Yuvi
Colour Grade by Kabir Nagranee
Online Edit by Mukti Krishan
Graphics by Zenish Mehta and Mukti Krishan
Archival footage and photographs from Umar Mehraj
Poster Design by Anirudh Ganapthy

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