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A dispatch from Kashmir

A dispatch from Kashmir

August 30, 2019 | Saura, Srinagar, Kashmir

As a team of StoriesAsia journalists visited Srinagar’s Soura area, the epicenter of resistance in the region, on Aug. 30, they witnessed personnel from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) firing at Kashmiri protesters with pellet guns, tear gas and chilli grenades. Local residents responded by throwing stones at the armed forces. During the protest on that Friday – 25 days after the central government revoked the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir – at least 50 people were injured, according to unofficial estimates cited to the journalists by local residents. The journalists sought to capture the tension and the emotions among local residents, who were part of the protest.

StoriesAsia Crew 
Camera 1: Imraan Ali Ellahi
Camera 2: Harshita Rathore
Camera 3: Vishal Arora
Editing, Sound & Colors: Richard Khuptong
Field Producer: Imraan Ali Ellahi

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