Submission Guidelines

At StoriesAsia, we prefer to assign stories to the independent journalists who are part of our collective, but we do consider outstanding pitches from others. We look for deeply told stories that put common people’s concerns at the center of the narrative and/or generate empathy by the use of literary or cinematic techniques. We work with journalists from across South and Southeast Asia and are interested in feature stories on any topic that is approached from the perspective of and affects common people.

We are also keen to collaborate with photographers, videographers, filmmakers, illustrators, cartographers and audio journalists exploring innovative ways of telling stories.

Please read these guidelines and send in your pitches to



Submit one or two paragraphs (within 200 words) describing your story – the angle you wish to explore, the form your piece will be in (narrative, essay, interview, analysis, investigative piece, reporting, opinion, etc.), the possible sources you will speak with and its relevance. Please begin with the one thing that your piece will say/argue/conclude – in one sentence. (For example, “The dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic show that the safety of all is connected to the safety of the poorest of the poor.”)

Feature stories: Our short articles are about 800 words, regular features are normally 1,500 words or longer, and details on long-form pieces should be discussed with the editor. 

Photographic Essays: Include a short note on your idea, the locations and characters it will include. Also include a link to or attach five low resolution images to demonstrate how your story will look.

Video/Films: Include a short note on your video/film idea, the number of minutes you think the final video/film will be, the characters and locations. If you already have some clips pertaining to your idea, do send in a link.

Illustration/ Comics: Tell us about your idea, your characters; include a picture of a storyboard that gives us an idea about the flow of your piece.

Infographics: Include a short note on your idea, the source of your data and the relevance of the infographic.

The subject of your email should mention the idea. Mention ‘Pitch: (your idea)’ for articles, info-graphs and other ideas; ‘Video Pitch: (your idea)’ for multimedia story, and ‘Photo Pitch: (your idea)’ for a photo essay.

For all submissions, include two or three lines to summarise your work experience and links to your published work/portfolio.

If you don’t hear from us in two weeks (3 days during COVID), feel free to follow up with an email.



We are also looking for stories on the COVID-19 pandemic from South and Southeast Asia, particularly on how your country is dealing with the pandemic and its impact on essential workers, the elderly and communities on the margin.